What would you do? Objectives

(See the WWYD scenario)

Objectives:  Bob is ready to meet again, but he feels that Al might be wasting his time.  Al is willing to talk, but no more. 

Carol sets a meeting for next week.  The terms of the meeting are — it will be on neutral ground, it will last for one hour (no more, no less), and they will leave with a defined next step (even if that step was that there would be no partnership).  Their homework is to fill in a questionnaire about their priorities.

Bob has been through a number of partnerships, and he feels that a good one is necessary, a bad one is devastating — and a mediocre one will bleed you of time, energy and resources until you give up.   He needs help with technology and operations, and he’s hoping to find someone to contribute both.  He wants to manage clients and develop new products for business.   

Al is motivated by short-term budget pressures but long term security issues.   He knows that the only way people with his background get paid is to control their own intellectual property and that meant starting a business  He trusted Bob, and felt that this kind of business-oriented solution was right up his alley.  He saw a lot of growth potential, and Frank was strong precisely where he was weak — on sales and management.  But he couldn’t go without a salary for another 2 years. 


What is your short-term goal (next 6 – 18 months)?

What is your long term goal (5+ years)

What’s a deal-killer for you?  And what will you do next?

What are your top 3 priorities to be discussed?

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