What Would You Do – Need it or No Way

Need to Achieve – or No Deal.

 (See the WWYD scenario)

Carol was getting more optimistic about the potential for this deal.  At least now she was confident that the two sides were getting more serious.  Now that Al had looked at how much 6 months of salary and benefits represented in dollar terms, he seemed a bit surprised by how much he was really asking for.  There might be room to move there.  Likewise, Bob initial analysis about his own position revealed his priorities.  As long as he had the corner office and power title, he seemed ready to compromise on other issues.

Now Carol asked each man to come up with his confidential N level offer.  The Need it or No Way offer was the bottom line, and governed by each side’s perception of his own options.  Ideally, the N position should be set so that it is just better than the Best Alternative. 

What would each man set as his N level price?  (To review their Like to Achieve levels, click here.)

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