What Would You Do: Like to Achieve

What would you do? Like to Achieve

 (See the WWYD scenario)

Like to Achieve:  Your optimistic, best case, and opening position.

Carol was starting to understand the limits each side was operating under — their upper level, defined by goals and variables – and their bottom limit, defined by their Best Alternative to this deal.  She felt that it was worth the time and effort to move things to the next phase.  She had them each start to think about their opening offers and bottom lines. 

She arranged to meet with each of them in private to talk about their optimistic opening offer.

What would you do? 

For Al and/or Bill, develop a list of 3 – 5 variables, and put them in order of importance. 

Next, decide what the most optimistic offer you are willing to make. Later, we’ll decide who goes first – you or the other side, but either way,  you still have to know what you consider a good outcome to be. 

Eventually you’ll  build a chart with all your variables across the top, and a Like to Get, Intermediate Benchmark, and Need down the left side. 

For now, let’s just focus on L – what we’d like to get.


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