What would you do? – Goals

WWYD Goal systems  (See the WWYD scenario

Carol spoke to each of them separately to help facilitate a JV.  Bob’s goals were so defined and detailed that they stood almost no chance of succeeding. Al was conflicted, vague, and uncommitted.

Bob wanted a formal partnership with an org chart (himself at the top — though his real talent was in marketing) and funded in advance with a $150,000 contribution from each partner. 

Al seemed to want the opposite.  He wanted to keep his present job as long as possible, even if that meant going slower with  — no formal commitment and no cash contribution.  He wanted to be able to get out easily. 

What would you do if you were Carol?   

  1. Advise them to soldier on and give it a shot.  Start having meetings and develop a business plan or prototype, and use that experience to make a more informed decision.
  2. Walk away.  The differences are too wide.
  3. Align goals.  Give them a strict time limit

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