What would you do? Best Alternatives

 (See the WWYD scenario)

Best Alternative & Plan B

Bob decides to take a Best Alternative approach.  He argues that Al has much less to lose and more to gain.  He scares Al with inevitable unemployment and financial ruin — their business didn’t have to be a multi-billion dollar start-up fantasy.  There were a lot of ways this could have a happy ending.  In the corporate world Al was already hitting his peak.  Even if he didn’t get fired or down-sized in the next 30 years — which was extremely unlikely — he certainly wasn’t rising any further.  Frank considered his Best Alternative to be pretty high.

What is Al’s true Best Option?  What does it depend on?  What can Al do to improve his alternatives in the near future?

What is Bob’s true Best Option?  What can he do to improve his best options in the short term? 

What can Bob do to worsen Als in the short term?

1.  Hire another programer

2.  Let Al’s boss know that Al is in the market for another job.

3.  Bob can take a courses in app design  and coding.

Are there any options the go below each side’s Best Option?

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