Like to Achieve

What would you like?

Now that we’ve established our range, let’s look at how you can maneuver for position within that space.

iStock_000002800425MediumRevisit Step 2 where we looked at the specific deal points or Variables.  Now we’re going to shape that list of demands into a powerful negotiating agenda.

Start by prioritizing your  list of variables for this specific negotiation.






There will be plenty more variables than that on your final plan, but we’ll revisit selecting variables later.  For now, focus on the mechanics of this method.

You now have a short list of 3 – 5 variables that will hopefully include more than just price.

Now, for each variable, determine what your most optimistic (but not crazy) goal would be.  It shouldn’t be so demanding that your counterparty gets scared off, but high enough so you would be 100% satisfied with the outcome.  Consider it for each variable — what do you consider a win?

Make sure your Likes are measurable and recognizable.  When you are setting price, it’s a simple matter.  When you are establishing a partnership or best-efforts sales effort, it is much tougher to come up with appropriate metrics.  Good negotiators pick good variables — and from now on you always want to know how you’ll measure performance.


NEXT:  What would you do?


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