Introduction & Background

Successful negotiation can be predicted by:

  1. 5594699_sPreparation
  2. Mastery of mechanics
  3. Discipline

This course provides you with the steps to prepare a negotiating plan and the mechanics to present your opening-offer agenda.

The discipline is up to you.

The GOBLINS guide is a step-by-step method to help you prepare and plan for a business negotiation.  We view negotiation as a system that can be planned, analyzed, and improved.  Our process begins with setting limits — your ambitious goal at the top of the range, and your best alternative setting the floor.  Once we have set your limits, we will decide on which variables or deal points are most important – and what they are really worth.  That enables you to put together comprehensive packages of value — so you can make strategic opening offers and assess their counter-proposals more effectively.  Finally, we’ll introduce tactics by selecting a negotiating style that promotes your interests.


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