Negotiating the GOBLINS way

Introducing the GOBLINS system
of negotiation:

-Best Alternatives
-Like to Achieve
-Need to Get


Do you love the thrill of negotiating — but sometimes feel you need some basic structures and rules to help keep you on track?

Or do you dread the idea — and see all your counterparties as scary predators who will take advantage of your position?

While there are plenty of books and courses that help CEOs manage a team of Harvard lawyers,  you may need a guide for professional negotiators who have to buy, sell, and manage for a living.  The GOBLINS guide to negotiation will show you how to  prepare and execute your own negotiation without stress, confusion or conflict.

This is Part 1 – GOBLINS Guide to Negotiation:  Preparation and Analysis.  It brings you from “I think I know what I want” through the analysis & planning process up to “Hello Mr.  Counterparty — here’s what you’re going to do for me today,” or the “opening phase” of the negotiation.

Part 2 is about TACTICS and deals with the nuts and bolts of negotiating at the table.  Basic analysis like “how to make concessions without giving up” and “what can I do to strengthen my position”.  This is also where we look at tactics and counter-tactics.

Part 3 is about STRATEGY  Negotiators create value or claim value.  Neither is wrong — but each has to be done correctly, and for the right reason.

Negotiation doesn’t have
to be a scary experience.

GOBLINS is a method for preparing a negotiation that I have distilled from more than 20 years experience training, consulting, and teaching MBA programs. Preparing a negotiation is difficult  but it doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing.  This GOBLINS guide is an effective system for individuals and teams to prepare a comprehensive negotiating plan.      -Andrew Hupert


MGoblin-seated-antiquedeet the GOBLINS

GOBLINS Guide – to get started

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